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Estate Planning

We often put off till tomorrow, what we should do today.”

No one really wants to think about their death. Most people put off estate planning because they simply do not want to think about dying. Who can blame them?

However, failing to properly plan can have severe consequences on you and your loved ones. Without an estate plan, your young children may be left without a guardian, or your loved ones may be stuck with some of your expenses. Failing to plan your estate may also mean that you lose control of how your assets are distributed. And upon your death, it may take years before your loved ones receive any of your assets because the court must first determine who gets what.

But with just a few hours of your time, you can have a properly executed estate plan which may:

  • Let you designate a guardian for your young children.
  • Avoid probate, saving thousands of dollars in legal, court and administrative fees.
  • Let you decide who to distribute your assets to
  • Helping you ensure quick and easy transfer of your assets to loved ones.
  • Provide huge savings of federal and state taxes.
  • Let you make your own end of life decisions.

Speak with an attorney about preparing an estate plan today.